NBA Draft Lottery

The NBA draft lottery just took place for the upcoming June Draft. The struggling 76ers received the 1st pick, Lakers 2nd, and rounding out the top 3 is the Celtics. Now with trades and everything that goes on before, after, and even during the draft leave a lot of speculation on the entire outcome of the draft. The 76ers have been struggling for quite some time now, and they now have the chance to pick the cornerstone of their franchise. Joel Embiid having not playing a game in his professional career and Jahlil Okafor having many off the court issues, it is unclear where the franchise is indeed heading. Okafor the 3rd pick last year and Embiid the same the year before. Like the NFL draft this year, there are two clear choices for the top 2 picks. Ben Simmons of LSU, and Brandon Ingram from Duke, are the two that are almost a lock to be the top 2 picks. Both bring their own skill sets and unique playing styles. Simmons has been the top prospect since last year and his handling and rebounding take him to the next level. What he lacks in shooting and defense, he makes up for in passion and love for the game. Ingram, the better shooter, is lanky and can defend extremely well.

The Lakers, who will also be big buyers in free agency, look to spark the rebuilding process with the number 2 pick. Either player that the 76ers do not take with the first pick, the Lakers will definitely welcome either player. With the Lakers rich history of winning, this process is unusual for them, and it will be interesting to see what life for the Lakers is like without Kobe Bryant wearing the number 24. Either way for both teams the rebuild will not happen overnight with these draft picks, but it will get the gears going.

The Boston Celtics received the third pick after being a playoff team this season. Their first round exit is just the beginning for this team, Isiah Thomas is one the top point guards in the league, in my opinion. With it being a toss up on who the 3rd pick will be, it gives the Celtics many options. They could look to trade to strengthen the team or keep the pick and continue to improve. Don’t sleep on the Celtics.