Football is Back in L.A.

Well the Rams are moving back to Los Angeles and many people saw it coming. The Chargers have a chance to move with them, if they agree on a lease agreement by Jan. 2017. If a deal is not reached by then, the Raiders then get a chance to make the move. The Raiders may look to move elsewhere, say San Antonio or even San Diego. From what I can see there is mixed emotions from fans about the Rams move to L.A., and in a sense kind of reminds me when Lebron James left Cleveland for the first time. I’ve seen a video of someone burning a Rams flag hours after the decision was made. It was almost a unanimous decision by the NFL owners. I think that as a business decision, this move made sense. The stadium that is set to open in 2019, will be used for more than just football. Soccer, concerts, and much more will be held there. I think that is what ultimately led to the decision. But from the point of view from the people of St. Louis, people are losing jobs, and really only have the Cardinals and the Blues to look forward to. What happens to the legacies created by Marshall Faulk, Kurt Warner, Torry Holt, and Isaac Bruce? The greatest show on turf, is just a memory now. Players and their families now have to relocate to L.A. After all this is said and done, the Rams are moving and some people like it, while some people just lost their hometown team. It all comes down to sports being a business and money talks.


The Natty

For the second consecutive year, the playoff system, has worked for college football and the NCAA. It allowed the four best teams in the country to duke it out for a chance to be crowned national champions. Oklahoma, Michigan State, Alabama, and Clemson were the chosen four of this year’s playoffs. The Clemson Tigers, the undefeated #1 team in the country, faced off against the Oklahoma Sooners, in the first semifinal. The Tigers were the underdog despite being the #1 team in the country, and proved a lot of people wrong, including myself, by simply outplaying the Sooners. The Alabama Crimson Tide and the Michigan State Spartans, matched up and the Crimson Tide looked flawless in their shutout of the Spartans. This set up a battle of the #1 and #2 teams in the country. The Tigers were yet again the underdog up against Nick Saban and Heisman Trophy winning running back, Derrick Henry. After Monday’s game, the Crimson Tide took home their 5th national championship in 8 years.

As I watched the game on Monday, I believe that the selection committee got the teams right. The game was one of the most exciting football games, college or professional, that I have seen this year. It was a dream matchup. #1 vs. #2, Heisman winner vs. Heisman finalist (Deshaun Watson QB), and Saban vs. Sweeney. Clemson’s offense had sort of been overlooked all season, as they were led by their lockdown defense and stellar defensive line. Going undefeated in any sport is an incredible feat, and Clemson did just that by being undefeated until their loss tonight. Alabama had an early loss, which had some people questioning their quarterback situation. Jake Coker proved many people wrong by leading Alabama to the National Championship on Monday. But, I also believe that the entire Clemson teamed proved to the country that they deserved to be there and played Alabama tough until the last second. Clemson was leading the entire game, as a matter of fact, until the unexpected onside kick, which ultimately changed the momentum of the game. The two coaches and their personalities are polar opposites. Saban, the more traditional coach, and Sweeney, the dancing and exuberant coach. This was a battle of two teams and two coaches, that both left it all on the field. Credit to Clemson for proving a lot of people wrong, and credit to Alabama for winning it all once again. All of this leads to one question. Is Nick Saban the greatest college football coach of all time?