Breaking Down Top NFL Prospects Post-combine

With the NFL Draft Combine ending over a week ago, lets take a look at some of the top prospects and how the combine may have helped or even hurt their draft stock. The consensus top prospect and projected number 1 overall pick Myles Garrett, defensive end from Texas A&M, showed why he is the best player in the draft. He finished top 5 in all of the drills he completed. He ranked in the top 2 in the bench press and the broad jump, while taking top honors in the vertical with a jump of 41″. I do not see any reason why or how the Cleveland Browns pass on him.

The quarterback position is always a top subject come draft time. With it not being a very deep quarterback class, three of them have a certain chance to be taken in the first round. Mitch Trubisky out of North Carolina is the top ranked quarterback and the #12 overall prospect. he has been described as a raw product that lacks arm strength. After having a strong season for the Tar Heels he saw his stock rise throughout the entire season. Deshaun Watson from Clemson is the #23 overall prospect and the #3 quarterback. Watson had a strong senior season finishing second in the Heisman and defeating Alabama for the National Championship. Scouts believe he is the most NFL-ready and the best runner of all the quarterbacks in the draft. Looking to sneak into the first round is Notre Dame’s DeShone Kizer. Kizer is the #18 overall prospect and the #2 quarterback. he is a strong mobile quarterback with a big arm.

Leonard Fournette from LSU is the #2 overall prospect and the #1 running back. Fournette is blessed with power and speed, and has drawn comparisons to Adrian Peterson. Florida State produces another top back, Dalvin Cook. Cook is the #25 overall prospect and the #4 overall running back. He has big play ability, but was also one of the biggest losers of the running backs at the combine. The #2 running back prospect, Joe Mixon from Oklahoma, was not invited to the combine after the video of him punching a female surfaced late in the season. Christian McCaffrey form Stanford is one of the most decorated running backs in college football history. While he is a solid runner and an above average pass catcher out of the backfield, some scouts are concerned about his durability and strength after only a 10 rep performance in the bench press.

The #1 wide receiver and the #8 overall prospect Mike Williams out of Clemson, is a big, strong receiver that can help a team immediately in the red zone. He is the most NFL-ready receiver in the draft. The talk of the combine was about the #22 overall prospect and the #3 receiver from Washington, was John Ross. Ross ran a 4.22 40 yard dash to break the record of 4.24, which was run by Chris Johnson. he labeled the top slot receiver in the draft. The #2 receiver Corey Davis out of Western Michigan, still has some things to prove coming out of a small school.

After Garrett, it is still a deep draft for defensive players. Alabama and Ohio State have a pair of defenders that are all likely to be top 20 picks in the draft. For Alabama, defensive lineman Jonathon Allen and linebacker Reuben Foster, both had strong seasons for the Crimson Tide. Foster is the better pass rusher, but was unable to participate in the combine after being sent home due to an incident with the combine medical staff. Foster is the #3 overall prospect and the #1 linebacker. Allen is the #7 overall prospect and the #2 defensive lineman. He is an all-around good pass rusher and run stopper. Safety Malik Hooker and cornerback Marshawn Lattimore out of Ohio State, are both projected top 10 picks. Hooker, named the best free safety in the draft is the #5 overall prospect and the #2 safety. He also is the top coverage safety in the draft. Lattimore, the #11 overall prospect and #2 cornerback, displays the best zone coverage of any cornerback in the draft.

Other notible top defensive prospects include Jamal Adams from LSU, Sidney Jones from Washington, and Jabrill Peppers form Michigan. Adams the #4 overall prospect and the #1 safety, is the most NFL-ready safety and is the best run stopping safety. Sidney Jones is the #19 overall prospect and the #4 cornerback. Jones had a strong showing at the combine, but tore his achillies on Saturday at his pro day. We have seen players with injuries still get drafted in the first round before, and I think that Jones will be no different. One of the most interesting players in the years draft is Jabrill Peppers out of Michigan. While playing for the Wolverines, Peppers was a standout on special teams while playing both linebacker and safety on defense. He does not have the ideal size to play linebacker in the NFL, but was named the best hybrid player in the draft. It is believed that he will primarily play safety in the league.

All of these players are looking to be taken in the first round of the draft and also hope to have an immediate impact on the teams that decide to take them. All rankings are property of Matt Miller and Bleacher Report. You can find all prospect rankings and breakdowns here.


The Greatest Time of the Year

For me, this is the greatest time of the sports year. With the calendar flipping to March about a week ago, college basketball fans and baseball diehards go insane. The North Carolina Tar Heels and the New York Mets have taken my world over for the time being.

When college basketball hits march fans lose their minds. Between the conference tournaments, rivalries, and The Big Dance, most of the country becomes fans, even if it is just for a month. We all watch as the first two rounds of the tournament provide us with its share of upsets and blowouts. Upsets give the tournament new life and also gives small market teams the chance to play in front of the whole country. There is always a team like George Mason, Northern Iowa, or Syracuse, looking to be the next cinderella story. The NCAA basketball tournament is special to all 65 teams that make it. Cutting down the nets after winning that last game is something that every college basketball player dreams about.

Now, the team I believe in the most, the New York Mets. Baseball is by far my favorite sport and the Mets take top honor in my heart. The start of spring training, with new faces, young prospects, and the veterans, is one of the greatest feelings to me. There is no other sound quite like a wooden bat coming into contact with a baseball. And for once, the Cubs will not have to answer if this will be the year they break the curse. For the Mets, after making the World Series in 2015 and losing in the Wild Card Round in 2016, look to finally get and keep the entire pitching staff healthy. With 3 of the 6 potential starters coming off of offseason surgeries, pitch and inning counts will all be in play this year. In my opinion the team that has been put together this year is better than the World Series team in 2015.

All in all, with winter coming to an end, this time of year provides us with the final stretch of college basketball, and the beginning of a fresh, brand new baseball season. Villanova and the Chicago Cubs will look to repeat their championship performances. Villanova winning last year on a buzzer beater and the Cubs coming back from being down 3-1 and winning game 7 to end the curse and bring a title to Chicago. So to all of you sports fans out there, enjoy this majestic time of year.

I am back for good!

So I have not written in a very long time and I am very disappointed in myself for this. There is no excuse for the lack of blogs that have occurred. I am very sorry to the few people that read the past blogs. Going forward I am thinking about posting 3 to 4 times per week, and if at all possible daily. My lack of drive had taken over my mentality, but as of right now and the near future, there will be activity on this page.

NBA Draft Lottery

The NBA draft lottery just took place for the upcoming June Draft. The struggling 76ers received the 1st pick, Lakers 2nd, and rounding out the top 3 is the Celtics. Now with trades and everything that goes on before, after, and even during the draft leave a lot of speculation on the entire outcome of the draft. The 76ers have been struggling for quite some time now, and they now have the chance to pick the cornerstone of their franchise. Joel Embiid having not playing a game in his professional career and Jahlil Okafor having many off the court issues, it is unclear where the franchise is indeed heading. Okafor the 3rd pick last year and Embiid the same the year before. Like the NFL draft this year, there are two clear choices for the top 2 picks. Ben Simmons of LSU, and Brandon Ingram from Duke, are the two that are almost a lock to be the top 2 picks. Both bring their own skill sets and unique playing styles. Simmons has been the top prospect since last year and his handling and rebounding take him to the next level. What he lacks in shooting and defense, he makes up for in passion and love for the game. Ingram, the better shooter, is lanky and can defend extremely well.

The Lakers, who will also be big buyers in free agency, look to spark the rebuilding process with the number 2 pick. Either player that the 76ers do not take with the first pick, the Lakers will definitely welcome either player. With the Lakers rich history of winning, this process is unusual for them, and it will be interesting to see what life for the Lakers is like without Kobe Bryant wearing the number 24. Either way for both teams the rebuild will not happen overnight with these draft picks, but it will get the gears going.

The Boston Celtics received the third pick after being a playoff team this season. Their first round exit is just the beginning for this team, Isiah Thomas is one the top point guards in the league, in my opinion. With it being a toss up on who the 3rd pick will be, it gives the Celtics many options. They could look to trade to strengthen the team or keep the pick and continue to improve. Don’t sleep on the Celtics.

Football is Back in L.A.

Well the Rams are moving back to Los Angeles and many people saw it coming. The Chargers have a chance to move with them, if they agree on a lease agreement by Jan. 2017. If a deal is not reached by then, the Raiders then get a chance to make the move. The Raiders may look to move elsewhere, say San Antonio or even San Diego. From what I can see there is mixed emotions from fans about the Rams move to L.A., and in a sense kind of reminds me when Lebron James left Cleveland for the first time. I’ve seen a video of someone burning a Rams flag hours after the decision was made. It was almost a unanimous decision by the NFL owners. I think that as a business decision, this move made sense. The stadium that is set to open in 2019, will be used for more than just football. Soccer, concerts, and much more will be held there. I think that is what ultimately led to the decision. But from the point of view from the people of St. Louis, people are losing jobs, and really only have the Cardinals and the Blues to look forward to. What happens to the legacies created by Marshall Faulk, Kurt Warner, Torry Holt, and Isaac Bruce? The greatest show on turf, is just a memory now. Players and their families now have to relocate to L.A. After all this is said and done, the Rams are moving and some people like it, while some people just lost their hometown team. It all comes down to sports being a business and money talks.

The Natty

For the second consecutive year, the playoff system, has worked for college football and the NCAA. It allowed the four best teams in the country to duke it out for a chance to be crowned national champions. Oklahoma, Michigan State, Alabama, and Clemson were the chosen four of this year’s playoffs. The Clemson Tigers, the undefeated #1 team in the country, faced off against the Oklahoma Sooners, in the first semifinal. The Tigers were the underdog despite being the #1 team in the country, and proved a lot of people wrong, including myself, by simply outplaying the Sooners. The Alabama Crimson Tide and the Michigan State Spartans, matched up and the Crimson Tide looked flawless in their shutout of the Spartans. This set up a battle of the #1 and #2 teams in the country. The Tigers were yet again the underdog up against Nick Saban and Heisman Trophy winning running back, Derrick Henry. After Monday’s game, the Crimson Tide took home their 5th national championship in 8 years.

As I watched the game on Monday, I believe that the selection committee got the teams right. The game was one of the most exciting football games, college or professional, that I have seen this year. It was a dream matchup. #1 vs. #2, Heisman winner vs. Heisman finalist (Deshaun Watson QB), and Saban vs. Sweeney. Clemson’s offense had sort of been overlooked all season, as they were led by their lockdown defense and stellar defensive line. Going undefeated in any sport is an incredible feat, and Clemson did just that by being undefeated until their loss tonight. Alabama had an early loss, which had some people questioning their quarterback situation. Jake Coker proved many people wrong by leading Alabama to the National Championship on Monday. But, I also believe that the entire Clemson teamed proved to the country that they deserved to be there and played Alabama tough until the last second. Clemson was leading the entire game, as a matter of fact, until the unexpected onside kick, which ultimately changed the momentum of the game. The two coaches and their personalities are polar opposites. Saban, the more traditional coach, and Sweeney, the dancing and exuberant coach. This was a battle of two teams and two coaches, that both left it all on the field. Credit to Clemson for proving a lot of people wrong, and credit to Alabama for winning it all once again. All of this leads to one question. Is Nick Saban the greatest college football coach of all time?